Receive up to $250,000 in down payment assistance to help your business acquire commercial property in Atlanta.

Invest Atlanta, as part of the Atlanta Open for Business Fund supported by Wells Fargo, has launched the Atlanta Commercial Down Payment Assistance Loan program to support local small businesses located in the city of Atlanta. This program offers low-interest financing to assist existing business owners in the city of Atlanta acquire commercial property.


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Loan Features:

Type of Loan Product
The Program will provide a direct loan to applicants for up to 20% of commercial costs, not to exceed $250,000. All loans will have a six-month deferment before the first payment is due.

Uses of Loan Fund
Loans shall be made for the purchase/acquisition and related renovations of a building zoned commercial within the city of Atlanta.

Loan Size
Minimum of $25,000; Maximum of $250,000.

Interest Rate
Between 1% and 3%.

Loan Maturity
Up to 10 years with a six (6) month deferment prior to the first payment; loan amortized over a 25-year period or equivalent of amortization schedule for standard commercial loans. There is no pre-payment penalty for paying off loans early. Any loan recipient that maintains ownership over 10 years shall have the option of having the remaining loan balance amortized based upon a 15-year period at a 3% interest rate.

Loan Conversion
After 10 years of consistent payments and meeting claw back provisions, the business can apply to convert the loan to a grant.



For-profit corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships:

  • Be an existing small business with a City of Atlanta business license
  • Be an existing small business interested in acquiring commercial real estate in the city of Atlanta with emphasis in low-income census tracts, Federal Opportunity Zone areas, disadvantaged neighborhoods, or a New Markets Tax Credit approved area neighborhood
  • Demonstrate growth potential in their industry
  • Be current with all personal and business debt when applying for financing
  • Plan to occupy 50% or more of the purchased building

Non-profit organizations:​​

  • Satisfy the criteria for for-profit corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships
  • Derive 51% or more of their revenue from for-profit activities

Food service businesses:

  • Satisfy the criteria for for-profit corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships
  • Derive 51% or more of their revenue from food sales



Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis. Awarding of loans is subject to funding availability. Invest Atlanta staff will review all completed applications. 

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